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Auto-Tracking Smartphone Base

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šŸ”„ New 2023 Edition šŸ”„
Enhanced Tracking and Extended Battery Life: Transform Your Phone into an Instant Cameraman!

Are you ready to elevate your video content? IntroducingĀ ShopAllurefy Auto-Tracking Smartphone Base, the ultimate phone stand designed to effortlessly maintain your phone's perfect alignment with you! Setting it up takes just seconds, and it seamlessly pairs with any phone and application.Ā This Smartphone base acts as your portable cameraman, making it ideal for capturing videos, live streaming, video calls, and immersive content viewing experiences.

360Ā° AI Tracking

The ShopAllurefy Smartphone Base boasts an integrated wide-angle camera and a sophisticated dual-core AI processor. These capabilities empower it to execute intelligent facial recognition and precision movement tracking. As you position yourself in front of the ShopAllurefy Smartphone Base, it perceptively detects your motion and automatically adjusts to keep you in focus. Discover the effortless and seamless means to craft, view, and stream content on your smartphone with ShopAllurefy!

No App Required

Easy setup. No special apps or Bluetooth needed!

  1. Place your smartphone intoĀ ShopAllurefy's SmartPhone baseĀ holder
  2. Adjust vertical angle and orientation (if needed)
  3. TurnĀ the base on - it will automatically start keeping the phone centered on you

Thatā€™s it! It just works right out of the box.

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What Others Say About
ShopAllurefy Auto-Tracking Smartphone Baseā„¢

"I use this stand in the kitchen and it is an absolute gem. I can stream/record recipes and videos and it always keeps me in focus. It's been really useful and cuts down the amount of time it takes to create a video. I could see this working well for DIY tutorials too. I also like to watch Netflix and this lets me see the episode even when I move between the counter and sink."
- Kris W. - Chicago, IL, USA

"I picked up one of theseĀ  stands and love it so much. The concept is really cool and it's so useful for me at my office desk. I use it for my meetings, calls, or just with videos sometimes. Love it. Blows my old phone stand out of the water. Did I mention it looks super cool too?"
- Rob M. - NSW, Australia

"I never thought I would be so excited about a PHONE STAND but this thing has been seriously amazing! It lets me record tons of videos without needing to ask for someone's help. Its also great for facetime because I can move around the room to do things while video chatting. Love this Gimbase!"
- Mandy C. - Ontario, Canada

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**Frequently Asked Questions**

**Do I need any special apps for ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder?**

No special apps are required for the ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder. It operates seamlessly without the need for additional applications. Since the ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder is not dependent on specific apps, you have the freedom to use any camera or video app on your smartphone. Furthermore, it is compatible with all types of smartphones, and no Bluetooth connection is necessary.

**Is it suitable for outdoor use?**

Absolutely! The ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder is an ideal companion for outdoor videography. Whether you're capturing moments on the go or need an extra cameraman for events and gatherings, it excels in various outdoor settings.

**Can I use both front and rear phone cameras with it?**

Yes, you can utilize both the front and rear cameras of your smartphone with the ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder. Simply flip your phone within the holder to switch between the cameras. Don't forget to adjust the camera settings on your phone accordingly.

**Which tripods is it compatible with?**

The ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder is compatible with most tripods that feature a standard 1/4ā€ screw thread. You can easily detach the ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder from its regular stand and attach it to your tripod for added convenience.

**How long does the battery last?**

The ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder boasts a 2200 mAh built-in rechargeable battery, providing continuous operation for 6-8 hours when fully charged.

**How do I charge it?**

Charging the ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder is a breeze. Simply plug it into a standard phone charger, battery pack, computer, or any other compatible charging source. Rest assured, we include a free USB-C charging cable in every box for your convenience.

**Where can I purchase it?**

ShopAllurefy Phone Base Holder is exclusively available through this secure website, and it is not sold in physical stores. Enjoy the added benefit of FREE shipping on all orders, and we deliver worldwide!