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E-Ink DIY Phone Case

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Introducing the E-Ink DIY Phone Case: Express Yourself Like Never Before

Transform your phone into a canvas of expression with the E-Ink DIY Phone Case, where innovation meets personalization. This cutting-edge E-Ink phone case takes customization to new heights, allowing you to instantly display cherished photos or bespoke artwork on the sleek ink screen back cover.

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  1. Instant Customization: Display your favorite photos or artwork on the sleek ink screen back cover, instantly transforming your phone into a personalized masterpiece.

  2. Battery-Free Operation: Enjoy the freedom of a non-consuming, safe-to-use accessory that keeps your chosen image vividly displayed long after your phone powers down, thanks to NFC technology and our intuitive app.

  3. Advanced Dithering Techniques: Harnessing advanced dithering techniques, the case projects images in black, white, and red, simulating a full-color palette that brings your creative visions to life.

  4. Privacy Assured: Operate your E-Ink DIY Phone Case directly on the device, ensuring your privacy and security at all times.

  5. Perfect Fit and Protection: Effortless to use and perfectly fitted to your phone model – passing rigorous drop tests with flying colors – this DIY phone case doesn't just protect; it projects your personality.


  • Infinite Creative Possibilities: Whether you're an artist or simply someone who loves to personalize their belongings, this phone case offers infinite creative possibilities.

  • Reflect Your Personality: Like having a new phone case every day, our E-Ink DIY Phone Case reflects your mood, style, or the memories you hold dear.

  • Tech Elegance: Showcase your individuality anytime, anywhere with this sleek and sophisticated E-Ink phone case.



Before you leap into this world of personalized tech elegance, ensure it's the right fit by checking your phone model. With the E-Ink DIY Phone Case, you're not just choosing protection; you're choosing to showcase your individuality, anytime, anywhere. Order yours today and let your personality shine through!


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