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Toasti Heated Yoga Mat

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"Experience Ultimate Warmth and Comfort with the ToastiMat - Our ToastiMat provides deep-penetrating infrared heat that envelops your core, delivering a soothing and revitalizing warmth that comforts, restores, and relaxes.

Whole-Body Comfort - When your entire body feels the chill and stress, a small heating pad won't suffice. You deserve the comprehensive warmth and relief that a full-body mat offers, from head to toe.

Easy, Safe, and Convenient - Achieving whole-body warmth is just moments away! Simply plug in, power on, and let the heat envelop you. Choose from four heat levels and set a timer ranging from 1 minute to 9 hours, with automatic safety shutoff for peace of mind. The mat features dual sides – one with a canvas finish and the other with grip bumps – allowing you to tailor it to your activity. It's also compatible with yoga towels for added grip and sweat absorption. The ToastiMat is comfortably padded, easy to clean, rolls up compactly, and fits snugly into the included carrying bag for effortless storage and portability.

Versatile Uses Where You Need Heat - The ToastiMat is your go-to solution for various situations:

1. Enhance your yoga and exercise routines, enabling faster warm-ups, deeper stretches, injury prevention, and stronger recovery.
2. Stay cozy while watching TV or playing video games from your couch, recliner, or the floor.
3. Conquer the freezing office or work stress by draping a ToastiMat over your chair.
4. Enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep by incorporating a ToastiMat into your bed.
5. Experience comfort during cold-weather camping trips at electric campsites.
6. Relieve pain and stress with the soothing warmth of the ToastiMat.
7. Whether you're working on a car or snowmobile, opt for the warmth and padding of the mat over cold, hard concrete.
8. Even your pets will love snuggling on ToastiMats!


- Four Temperature Levels
- Timer Range: 1 minute to 9 hours
- Automatic Safety Shutoff
- Dual-sided design: One side with black grip bumps, the other with brown canvas
- Padded for extra comfort
- Includes a convenient carrying bag
- Sealed heating element for safety
- Manufacturer's 6-Month Warranty
- Color: Black (grip side) & Brown (canvas side)
- Flat Measurements: 68L x 24W x 0.25H inches (173L x 61W x 0.6H cm)
- Rolled Measurements: 24W x 7H inches (61W x 18H cm)
- 110V Plug (US & Canada)
- Power Consumption: 110W
- Cord Length: 88 inches (2.24 meters)"