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V34 Colour Corrector Serum

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Revitalize your Smile with Gentle Whitening Toothpaste

Experience the power of our Bright White Anti-Sensitive Toothpaste Gel, expertly crafted to cater to your dental needs. This toothpaste goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with a comprehensive oral care solution.

Key Benefits:
🌟 Eradicate Tooth Stains: Our specialized formula effectively targets and eliminates unsightly tooth stains, leaving your teeth gleaming with renewed brightness.
🌟 Nourish Healthy Gums: Repair and strengthen your gums for improved oral health and vitality.
🌟 Elevate Freshness: Say goodbye to bad breath as our toothpaste breathes new life into your mouth, leaving it feeling rejuvenated.

Capacity: 30ml



Our unique and refreshing formula acts swiftly to restore the natural brilliance of your teeth. By gently removing hidden debris between your teeth, it addresses common oral issues while safeguarding your gums. This ensures a lasting sense of cleanliness and wellness for your oral cavity.

Introducing V34:
V34 utilizes cutting-edge color theory techniques to swiftly enhance your smile. Through the strategic balance of various shades of yellow in your teeth, V34 effectively conceals stains and imparts a luminous glow. Incorporate V34 into your routine after whitening sessions, on a daily basis, or before special events to enhance your smile's radiance.

Key Details:
1. Color Correction Technology: V34 employs color correction technology, using a water-soluble purple dye to counteract yellow undertones on teeth. This leaves your smile impeccable without any residual marks.
2. Non-Invasive Whitening Care: V34 offers a gentle whitening solution, completely safe for dental work. Simply apply V34 Color Corrector to your toothbrush as you would with regular toothpaste.
3. Tailored Brightening: Ideal for individuals seeking to further enhance their teeth after whitening or those with naturally white teeth not requiring comprehensive whitening treatments. V34 employs PAP+ to oxidize stains, heightening brightness while balancing the warm and cool tones of your teeth for a more vibrant, whiter appearance.

Usage Instructions:
To use, dispense 2-3 pumps onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth for 3 minutes (V34 can replace your regular toothpaste). Finally, rinse your mouth for 20 seconds and spit out, followed by a rinse with water. Witness the magic as it whitens your teeth, eliminates tartar, and leaves your breath fresh.

Package Contents:
1 Tube of Whitening Toothpaste

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