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Super Sharp Pocket-Saw

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Cut Through Wood With Ease

4000N Testing on this 65Mn MANUAL chainsaw means only a 988+ LB Man could break it from misuse, making these camping accessories a powerful companion to the pocket knife, pocket saw survival, tree saw high limb, rope chain saw, bear spray, survival gear saw, army knife, fire starter, bushcraft saw, long rope chainsaw, chain hand saw for trees trimming and emergency food supply you keep inside your camping gear, hunting gear or outdoor gear backpacking survival kits.

      Chain Length 36 Inches 36 Inches
    Number of Teeth 48 Teeth 48 Teeth
    Blades on Both Sides No No
    Handles Color Orange Black
    Main Functionality Low Branches Low Branches
    Weight 0.5 Pounds 0.5 Pounds
    Versatility Wood, Plastic, PVC Wood, Plastic, PVC

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    Pocket Chain Saw - Bellezawebshopinternational

    Precision Cuts Anytime, Anywhere.

    Built tough with industrial-grade heat treated high carbon steel, making it one of the most reliable tools in your kit.

    • Super strong 11 bi-directional self-cleaning teeth
    • Built with durability and ruggedness

    The Perfect "Just to Have" Tool

    Whether you're in the wilderness or you need to cut through a piece of wood with limited tools, a pocket saw is an essential tool for anyone's toolkit.

    Ditch the cheap tools and add a portable, lightweight, and reliable option to cut through wood without the need of a bulky chainsaw.

    In every scenario, our intention was to create a hero: a portable chainsaw meticulously crafted for exceptional performance. Featuring a meticulously honed Tiger Claw slicing angle and a Clog-Clearing Bulldozer Tooth, this chainsaw delivers unparalleled portable power and performance. It's meticulously engineered using the perfect blend of Manganese-infused 65Mn Steel and then subjected to a carbon-firing process, ensuring a durable cutting edge that lasts. This is the essential hand-powered tool for tackling projects with pride, whether it's rescuing stranded individuals from a tree obstructing traffic or clearing away post-storm debris, allowing you to savor your annual camping expedition with your loved ones.

     Super Sharp Pocket ChainSaw



    2x Faster Cut&Clear combines 48 Tiger Claw Teeth with 48 Clog-Clearing Bulldozer Teeth. So you can cut deeper and faster, for longer than any other tactical hatchet camping supplies. We fit more camping knife teeth per square inch too, making this the ultimate people power portable chain saws, cable saw for wood double sided, limb saw chain, tree cutting rope with handles, tool kit hiking gear string saw for doing it all.

    No Chainsaw Sharpener Required: STAMINAHold Edge and Tiger Claw Angle on this portable hand saw slice through the sloppiest, densest brush with ease, retaining its Perfected-Precision angle, then resharpens with a standard file.

    Lightweight Manganese (Mn) infusion naturally absorbs shock away from hands, for hours of comfortable use, then quickly clips to belt loop - for zero-hassle bushcraft & backpacking. Or Homesteading. Because you know they just don’t quit.


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