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Harry Potter Fireball Magic Wand

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Update: As of now, the Harry Potter Fireball Magic Wand is currently in stock. However, due to increased social media attention, this product is selling extremely fast and we are expecting to be out of stock very shortly. Click ADD TO CART to purchase before we sell out! Unique shape design.

The Harry Potter Fireball Magic Wand is the most popular prop on the Social media platform write now and perfectly reproduces the props in the movie and indeed has the function of a real launch fireball. Chanting the incantation "incendio" (blazing fire) then click the switch to launch a small flame. It is the perfect gift for movie fans.



 Features and Benefits: Harry Potter Fireball Magic Wand

  1. One Click Ignite Use the fire ball paper, tear and roll the paper. Push it into the wand, the tighter/bigger the paper, then the further the ball of flame will go. Portable, no fuel required, no lighter or anything harmful needed to work.
  2. Material The appearance is made of resin with built-in steel launch tube. The hand-carved appearance is indeed the perfect feel and the exquisite details make you instantly become a Magician.
  3. Safety design Wand design double switch is the secret of the launch that indeed only you know. Ensure that others do not accidentally touch the switch to protect the personal safety of you and others. (The product has a certain degree of danger, prohibit the use of children.Ages 14+. To use it, see the tutorial below on how to use Fireball paper!!!)



Product contains:

1 * fire-breathing wand. 1 * charger. 1 * dual-use hook. 1 * magic spell sheet instructions. 1 * Fireball Paper (can be used 180 times).1 *Exquisite Gift Box. Wand Perfect for party, theater role play, birthday, Christmas, Halloween themed costume accessories. The wand is packaged in an elegant wand box and makes the perfect gift, you will be charmed by its shape.


Please note the 6MM models have a slightly larger opening.

Ages: 14 years and up


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