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MagSafe Mini Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

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**Unleash Uninterrupted Power**

**Unleash Uninterrupted Power**
Say goodbye to the anxiety of a dying battery during your school field trip or on a long journey. Our Magnetic Mini Power Bank boasts a hefty 10000mAh capacity, capable of charging your iPhone twice, ensuring you stay connected all day long.
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  Features and Benefits of the MagSafe Power Bank

**Light Up Your Life, Not Your Room**

No more disruptive LED glow in the dark. Our smart charger features a clear digital display that shows the battery level, allowing you to monitor the power status without disturbing your sleep or concentration.

**Travel Light, Travel Right**

Whether you're globetrotting or heading to the gym, our compact and lightweight charger is your perfect companion. With its strong magnetic attachment, it securely latches onto your iPhone, fitting seamlessly into your bag or pocket for ultimate convenience.

**Empower Your Tech Life**

For the tech-savvy, our charger is more than just a power bank. It's a symbol of cutting-edge technology, offering both wired and wireless charging at speeds up to 22.5W, compatible with the latest iPhone models, and equipped with advanced safety features for a worry-free charging experience.

**Stay Charged, Stay Active**

Fitness enthusiasts, keep your workout playlists going and fitness apps running with our wireless charger. Its portability ensures you can charge on the move, keeping your phone powered up during your outdoor workouts or exercise routines.



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